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Hints and Tips | Wedding Day Checklist

Your wedding day is one of the most, if not THE most, important days of your life.  I have compiled a list of helpful hints and tips to ensure you don’t stress, as a stressed bride doesn’t make for happy memories or photographs!

Wedding day lead up ...

12 months before your wedding day

  • Book your photographer, hair and makeup artist as all services are popular, necessary and in demand!
  • In a perfect world everyone would have monthly facials, now would be a good time to start this ritual.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money at a Beauty Salon, there are a lot of products on the market that you can utilise at home.  Please feel free to contact me as I am more than happy to assist in providing advice.

6 months before your wedding day

  • Have a hair trial and discuss the condition of your hair and colour with an expert.
  • Have your eyebrows professionally shaped. Take the time to note how your skin reacts to waxing, to ensure on your wedding day your skin is intact and no breakouts.  You will need to have this done approx every 3-4 weeks.
  • Try out some spray tan salons to decide which colour you prefer and the best place to achieve the colour you would like for your wedding day.
  • Find out what time the photographer wants to start the photo shoot on your wedding day.  From here, organise your makeup artist and hairdresser accordingly, working backwards.  Allow plenty of time in between, especially if you are travelling from the hairdressers back to home etc.

6 weeks before your wedding day

  • You need to concentrate on your health and well being, as this will affect the way you look on your wedding day.  Make sure your diet includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, regular exercise and drink lots of WATER!  Take time to relax, perhaps have a couple of massages, fantastic for stress and overall mind and body relaxation.

2 weeks before your wedding day

  • Have a facial and eyebrows waxed; however, bear in mind the way your skin reacts and book accordingly.  Organise a friend, neighbour or relative to prepare a plate of food for the bride and bridal party to nibble on as you get ready on your wedding day.
  • Pack an emergency kit for your wedding day; including, bandaids, panadol/ nurofen, needle and thread, clear nail varnish (runs in stockings), asthma pumps, medications etc, clear eyes drops, safety pins, hollywood tape..etc.
  • Start wearing your wedding shoes for an hour or so at a time to ensure you don’t have really sore feet on the day of your wedding.
  • Ask someone responsible to organise an esky for your wedding day photo shoot; including, nibbles, water, soft drink and limited alcoholic drinks.

The night before your wedding day

  • Drink lots of water, eat some yoghurt (some say it gives you a healthy glow to your skin) relax and try and have an early night.
  • Lay out your gown, jewellery, shoes, accessories and undergarments and remove all tags.  Pack your bag for the wedding night; including, panadol, a change of clothes,  some makeup wipes and a good moisturiser.
  • Confirm times with photographer, florist, hairdresser, makeup artist etc.

Hooray it’s here…Your wedding day

  • Make sure you have a time plan in action!  Bear in mind, it always takes longer to dress on days like this…not sure if it’s nerves, but it always takes twice as long as usual!
  • Remember to wear a shirt or top, with buttons at front, so you don’t ruin your hair style or beautiful makeup
  • Ensure you eat and clean your teeth before dressing.
  • Limit the amount of alcoholic drinks to avoid headaches and dizziness, drink lots of water.
  • Limit the amount of people around you during preparation time, ideally the bridal party and perhaps your mum.   If there are children in the bridal party, perhaps ask a neighbour or friend to be on hand to help with their dressing and supervision.
  • Remember to bring your throw away bouquet, gifts, speeches, payments etc… to the reception.
  • Most importantly…HAVE FUN and ENJOY, a smiling bride and groom make for fantastic photos and memories!

download printer version Print this handy Hints and Tips sheet to help with your preparation for the big day! (PDF 99kb)

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Wedding Day Checklist | Hints and Tips

download printer version Print this handy Wedding Day Checklist to help you be prepared for the big day! (PDF 90kb)

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